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Finestra is Servelec’s secure, integrated portal solution designed to improve service delivery and give access to citizens, carers and to remove the duplication of data entry for professionals and providers. The benefits of shifting communication, engagement and transactions to lower cost digital channels helps local authorities to improve a service user’s experience and use available resources more productively.

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Updated December 2017

Another page

Multiple boxes can be added to promote various parts of the site and guide users on their journey.

Another page

By adding multiple tiles to a page, it creates more visual interest for the user.  In this case, we're linking to another page within the site.

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Full width tile

Tiles can also be set up to be full width, which is a useful way of creating good sized text areas on the page.  It is therefore used widely for opening remarks or larger bodies of text. 

They can still link to other pages within the site, like any other tile.

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